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To Learn to Read is to Light a Fire

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Welcome to my website. You may notice there is not much here at the moment. My hope is that will soon change. I am in the process of preparing a book for publishing, and I think I will have plenty to say about that when the time comes. For now I will say only a little about it, especially since I doubt there is anyone that will probably ever read this particular post. The upside to that, though, is that I’m not even worried about spoilers.

The book is titled Thread and Other Stories and is a collection of short stories, the lead story being “Thread.” I am really excited for this book–some of the stories have been in the making since I was 15 years old. The only emotion I am feeling greater than excitement is anxiety. I am a pretty confident person, but you wouldn’t guess that if I was talking to you about this project.

I’m still working on what I want the back cover summary to say, but this is what I have so far:

“I think therefore I am” (René Descartes)

Maybe it isn’t that simple, though.

Prudence and Yannick know poverty firsthand, heartache from the inside out, and injustice from the bottom up. When a young boy with needs beyond their own arrives in their life, they must choose what kind of people they are.

Fair warning: there’s a really good chance that the summary will change, especially considering I changed it while I was transcribing it into this post. Well, that’s all I’ve got for you right now. Here are the short stories included along with “Thread” in the collection:








Until next time, then.