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What I’m Reading Right Now: Vango

I’m almost finished with a book that I am really enjoying: Vango, by Timothée de Fombelle. I’m reading it in French, which is a thing I do sometimes. It’s an adventure story, and I guess there are many of those out there. This one is really well written, it is engaging and the suspense has me trapped. I love the characters and there is an intense mystery around everything that slowly (very slowly but perfectly) unfurls. It’s a great story.

I think what I like about it the most, though, is how well the setting, pre-WWII, adds to the story. There is very little direct discussion of the politics of the time, and this isn’t really historical fiction although the relevant historical portions are likely accurate (I haven’t checked), but as the characters live out their role in the plot, the realities of living in Europe during those days between WWI and WWII are expertly revealed.

The story occurs mostly in Italy, Germany, and France, with occasional forays into Russia and Scotland. I love the variety of locales and how Fombelle presents each place without making the story seem disjointed. I am a fan of stories that jump from one time period to another and from one place to another, and each jump gives you a little insight or a little more information on the plot, even though it might be a seemingly irrelevant or tangential scene. As I near the end of the book, these little side plots are being tied in together.

I’m not done, so no spoiler warnings needed…since I haven’t any to offer. Without even finishing it, I would recommend reading it. It’s just been fun to read. It doesn’t take a ton of brain power, but it does keep you thinking.